Saturday, February 27, 2010

Birthday Rhyme for my nephew

OH! God I am in ecstasy
You plugged my survival with bliss
And yield my existence worth

OH! God I am delighted
You promoted me in the hierarchy
And bestowed an incredible rapport

OH! God I am fortunate
You turned my envisage into veracity
And fulfilled all my desires

OH! God I am pleased
You fortified me with your smartness
And imbued my arms with your seraph

OH! God I am on cloud nine
You again made the advent of this day
And gave me an opportunity to wish
your unique creation in the cosmos
On this elite day

Monday, February 15, 2010


When you are aware "What GOD does, does for a noble reason”, then why are you constantly worried?
Why do you cry when you are bumped into the undesirable events? Have you ever inquired such things from yourself? Have you ever even tried to scrutinized that, such thoughts have trounced you, your intellect and to an outsized extent to your spirit also.
If you really trust "HIM”, if you are really devoted to “HIM” more than anyone else; then why are you so self-doubting? When you have bestowed everything in “HIS” hands to be full filled; then stop bothering about materialistic things. Let "HIM do "HIS" work. And if still insecurity persists then don't think that something less is coming from "HIS" part, dilemma lies in you only; there is no 100% credence.
"HE" is a big giver. "HE" only knows to give and in return demands zilch. Many a times you feel jealous of others just because they are enjoying more materialistic things than you. You have reflected such a fancy in your mind that they people are more blessed, they are "HIS" favorites and "HE" loves them more than you.
Well, if it was true, then there would be no difference lingering between human beings and the great “GOD”. For "HIM" everyone is at priority and "HE" loves everyone to the fullest.
If you put a half log of wood in the front of the mirror, it reflects the half image. Expecting full image, are your high expectations which always lead you to disappointments. Same is in the case of "GOD". You are giving less and expecting more. Sense of irresponsibility is at your part and you are blaming "HIM". More you give, the more you take.

The more you lay down your arms, the more "HE" engulfs you in "HIM".
That's the rule of the nature.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cement of Affection

Sister Sister Oh my lovely sister
You are such a wonderful creature
Whenever I am low or gloomy
Your spirit is always there for me
You are strong you are intense
You give me vigor to build my confidence
Though you are far-flung from me
Yet I can caress your soul here with me
God has granted you as a pal to me
Everyone says…how lucky me
Your rapport is as fresh as dew with me
And is as deep-seated as sea
You are gorgeous, you are charming
Just your glare makes my day so pleasing
Lucky is my Jeis, he has you as his wife
Indeed your baby whose lips are curved with smile
You are benevolent and you are wise
I am blessed to have you in my life
Sister Sister Oh my superb sister
There can be no one else like you sister…
“Sister” I guess the utterance for my relationship with her is miniature. She is such an astonishing personality that whenever I have to talk about her, I am always…always short of words. 

Monday, February 1, 2010


Is it relevant, what all is going around?
Well, both approving and disapproving thoughts are there, regarding this query in my mind.

What is this?
Is this the shuffling of thoughts between Mind and Soul or what I actually want to see is dominating on me?
Whatever it may be, I guess it can assist me to get divest of this vagueness.

According to my practical acquaintance, our Mind reflects the same picture what ever we really  want to see; even after knowing whether the circumstances are  flattering or not.
As far as the state of affairs is concerned, individual is responsible of his own for the situations encountered in life. It depends how we take things around us.
The condition which is favorable for me can be absolutely unpleasant for the other person. Only thing which is responsible is the "ATTITUDE."
On one hand a negative thought can wreck the verve thoroughly whereas on the other hand positive attitude can cram the existence with elation and contentment.
Situations encountered in our day to day life - to shape them according to our needs and priorities is absolutely not in our hands. These are the "Karmas" which we have to perform.
Now it depends upon us, in which way we want to accept them.

It depends upon us, whether we want to "blubber" or be "exultant" throughout our life.