Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Daily Love Book :)

  • I love the screaming of my mom, when I always wake up late in the morning. She constantly wants me to be on time at my work place, but I am a regular lackluster and never execute things on right time. Every morning she helps me, so that I could reach the sanatorium on time…but her every attempt is always unsuccessful because of me. But the loveliest part is, she still loves me.
  • I love my dad’s soft hands; (yes soft hands, my dad’s hands are so soft ) when I grumble of headache, he sympathetically massage my head with his hands; and I love him more when he tries to make me sleep by rubbing my head, and during his attempt he himself starts snoring .
  • I love my mom, when she insists me every night to knead her arms before going to sleep. Actually she does not want to sleep without listening to “Hanuman Chalisa” every night especially from me.
  • I love to have a sip of water from my dad when he daily awakes me from my deep sleep and asks me if I want to have it, and I always wake up and swig it.
  • I love my cell phone, when my mom rings me up because of no actual reason, only thing is, whenever she is failed to spot me around her surroundings, she calls me up, just to hear my voice.
  • I love my dad, when every Sunday while sharing our breakfast in one common dish, he deliberately offers me the middle soft portion of ALLUU KA PRANTHA and I gleefully consume it.

In short I m loving my life, being with my parents after such a long time.