Wednesday, November 20, 2013

For my LOVE

You are my sunshine
For me you are my smile.
You are my whole sky
You add spark in my eye.
You are dashing, dove and pure
In yours arms, I am always secure.
You are my superb hubby
You always make me happy.
You know I am lucky to be your wife
Your one single smile gives me life.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Big Brawl

I wonder, how the reality shows have changed the face of Indian television and has diverted the Indian audience from typical “Saas-Bahu” drama to the reality shows viz. “Big Boss”, “Emotional Atyachaar”, “Rakhi ka Insaaf” and all. But somehow, somewhere, these reality shows are reflecting a word of violence among the viewers, specially the children. I mean directors of such dramas are befooling the innocent viewers at the name of reality shows. As per Rahul Bhatt’s statement (recently evicted from the reality show “Big Boss”) that every word of the battle held  between Dolly Bindra and Shweta Tiwari was scripted. While narrating such statement Mr. Bhatt forgot that he was also the part of same game few days back, as, now he is out, so he has a lot to verbalize it. These guys just want to increase the TRP of the show, no matter what picture their show is marking in the minds of spectators. They are hardly concerned that by displaying all this crap they are responsible for creating cruelty, agitation and disrespect for the mankind.
If we talk about the reality show “Big Boss”, I immensely oppose the lexis uttered by Bindra, daily fights raised by her and other participants for petty things. And the worst part is; no one is paying attention to this, no one is expostulating. As far as I am concerned about the rules of “Big Boss” house, it was revealed to Shweta Tiwari on the other day, that there is no place for violence in the house. Then why “Big Boss” itself is not taking any action against the culprit participants? What for, they are showing the rubbish things created by Dolly and few other members? Why the issue of Saara and Ali is raised? Why Veena Malik is creating mess and always tries to seduce male models in the house? Why no one is ready to cooperate with any other house mate?
I was so remorseful on the other day, of having a Television in my house (first time in my life), when my 6 years old niece was frantic to watch “Big Boss” and on asking she replied, “I am keen to watch the show as I m fond of the irrelevant issues raised and fights take place inside the house”. Ah! I was shattered of hearing all this. I mean, it is far beyond my expectations, that the children of my house can also think this way and deliver such statements to me. It is a big disaster to the healthy upbringing of our young generation. And this is something what, which is not at all acceptable.
Children watch all this; set their minds and offcourse they will definitely try to imitate it somewhere in their life. Such dramas are responsible enough to wreck the personality, the individuality of a being. Children don’t know about the flaws of such shows. For them, whatever they watch on T.V. , is ideal to emulate. These reality dramas are building a deep gap in between us and our new forthcoming age group and can be blamed for taking our youth away from the Indian tradition.
I want to ask the Indian viewers- Is this our culture? Is this exactly what, we want to deliver to our upcoming generation? Should our country’s scenario be like this?
At last but not the least I would like to say that by giving priorities to such so-called reality dramas, we are ruining our future by our own.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


My dreams are seems to be enlightened
Though you are not with me
And will never be there for me…

Still I m pleased
Because I know
You are happy there
Without me…

I feel more lively
When I see you in ecstasy…

I always wanted to be with you
But whenever I see you smiling
I feel more blissful
That I am not with you…

Its  worth-while
Seeing you inundated with contentment…
I find my days more joyful
When I celebrate your victory
Alone…always alone

Only thing I implore to the Deity
May you be blessed with
The one, whom you love the most…

I can’t see you
I can’t feel you
I can’t find you anywhere around me
Still I am satisfied
That you are enjoying your life
To the fullest
With whom you adore the most…

I never want you to tie any kind of bond
With grief
As you don’t deserve it…

Never be distressed
Never be gloomy
Still if anywhere, any time
You find yourself unaided
Just close your eyes
Think of me…

I promise
I will be there for you…
No matter
Where would I be,
No matter
What would I be…

May you be always sanctified
With the most
Magnificent creations of this cosmos…

 P.S. - My thoughts for my sister :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My excursion to the shrine cave

Last month was tremendous. I got an opportunity to go to Vaisho Devi. Was so much fed up of my daily practice and really wanted a good break from my to-do list. Asked my cousin and his family for the same and they easily got ready to move. No doubt my trip was awesome. For me, trekking has always been an intricate but adventurous task since my childhood. I always enjoy doing trekking on hills which every time leads me to the muscle fatigue J, still I loved doing it during my excursion to Mata Rani. At mid night 2:00AM or 2:30AM we joined the row for the cave and after 20 mins we were inside the shrine cave. That was incredible. Was very happy, finally my dream came true. Had remarkable darshan of Mata Rani, there wasn’t a huge rush, so we went inside the cave very easily. I could feel the divine energy in that aura. I realized it was really worth being so tired. My eyes got watered as I did not want to leave the place, it was so serene. But I had to rush back , so we started our journey back to Katra at around 5:00 AM in the morning.

I feel I am lucky enough as I had an opportunity to see a beautiful sparkling orangish-yellow coloured ball in the blue sky with a huge divine glow spreading its rays all around from the back of a huge mountain – Ah! It was incredible. I loved the sun rise and I can always have a glimpse of the same scene whenever I close my eyes. Though I was so tired , I couldn’t even walk a single step, still I was on my divine promise that I won’t hire any mule, palanquin or horse throughout my journey, so what I did.

On my way back, I saw a little child of around 6 or 7 years, sitting in the mid of the road wrapping the head  and the whole body with red glossy typical Mata Rani’s Duppatta and was asking for the money. “Kanya ko matha teko, kanya ko prashaad chadao, Kanya ko daan do.” Passing by people, were kneeling down to the head in front of the child and were greeting so traditionally. A lot of them were also giving coins, rupees to the child. I was dead beat because of my hike so I sat under the nearby shed and I started scrutinizing that kid. The kid was witty enough and was perfect in job. The child was hiding the rupees under his thief-pocket and was leaving behind a few coins on the Dupatta he carried. After a couple of minutes, suddenly another girl of aged roughly 12 - 13 years came to the child and asked about some money. That child stood up and started scratching both the pockets. That girl took away the Dupatta from that kid and I was shaken to see, there was a male child hidden inside the Dupatta. I was smashed and thought to catch him red handed. But on the very next moment I dropped the idea and thought I should not interfere in their way of earning the bucks. But that was really beyond my expectations.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Daily Love Book :)

  • I love the screaming of my mom, when I always wake up late in the morning. She constantly wants me to be on time at my work place, but I am a regular lackluster and never execute things on right time. Every morning she helps me, so that I could reach the sanatorium on time…but her every attempt is always unsuccessful because of me. But the loveliest part is, she still loves me.
  • I love my dad’s soft hands; (yes soft hands, my dad’s hands are so soft ) when I grumble of headache, he sympathetically massage my head with his hands; and I love him more when he tries to make me sleep by rubbing my head, and during his attempt he himself starts snoring .
  • I love my mom, when she insists me every night to knead her arms before going to sleep. Actually she does not want to sleep without listening to “Hanuman Chalisa” every night especially from me.
  • I love to have a sip of water from my dad when he daily awakes me from my deep sleep and asks me if I want to have it, and I always wake up and swig it.
  • I love my cell phone, when my mom rings me up because of no actual reason, only thing is, whenever she is failed to spot me around her surroundings, she calls me up, just to hear my voice.
  • I love my dad, when every Sunday while sharing our breakfast in one common dish, he deliberately offers me the middle soft portion of ALLUU KA PRANTHA and I gleefully consume it.

In short I m loving my life, being with my parents after such a long time.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Gloomy Light

As usual I am always lethargic in getting up…never wanted to depart from my cradle in cock-crow…never wanted to unbolt my eyes…but always have to do so… L
Finally got an employment in my own home town…but to be very ingenuous I never wanted to toil for some more time…wanted to realx for some more period…but they guys called me to join the hospital… had no indisputable reason to refute…so joined the sanatorium.
Now a big problem aroused in my life was, that I had no separate conveyance with me to go to the hospital daily which was 5 kms away from my house. Was in deep ambiguity whether to purchase a car or a two wheeler?
My father and I both wanted to procure a car for me but my mother was not at all willing to purchase a car for me. She was very well acquainted with the heavy traffic and of stray animals too.
After a long arguments and conflicts she won the battle and finally we purchased a two wheeler for me. Though I was not at all contented with that conclusion, but still I had to accept it as there was no other opportunity left for me.
Now on that two wheeler vehicle I started my daily up down ride to the infirmary.
Days, Months; kept on passing and with the passage of time I comprehend that my mother was right in her arguments. So many times I was luckily saved from heavy vehicles and stray dogs and cows because of that compatible vehicle.
One evening I was en route to my home from hospital, I saw two huge bulls were combating with each other and people were running here and there to save their lives. By hook or crook I also managed to save my life from those irate bulls and on reaching home I took a sigh of relief. It was like that, God had granted me a new life. The blood was once again started rushing into my veins.
Next morning I had to go to my work place from the same route and I was very much terrified of it. Somehow I managed to go from same route and with the grace of Lord every thing was just okay.
In the evening when I was coming back from hospital I noticed a lot of stray cows, bulls and dogs on the road.
I started counting their number randomly and I was in shock when the road end…it was 150 in number. Just imagine 150 stray animals are on the busiest road of the town and no one is at all bothered about it.
I decided to shift those cows and bulls to some dairy farm…but all my hard work went futile. On asking the people of that society they boorishly replied that we are not at all responsible for this and if you want to save your life you may change your route.
Is just changing of my route will help these sick rules of this handicapped system?
Even Government is also least bothered. No one wants to clean this dirty system.
I tried my level best to shift those animals to some dairy farm, where they can be taken care off. But in our great Independent and Democratic country a common man’s voice is squashed badly before it reaches to some genuine ears.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Howling Blossom

The bud is yet to unfold
Let her attain the puberty
And add her eternal beauty
to the humanity.
The bud is yet to unbolt
Let her pep up our surroundings
for us
by spreading her fragrance
in all the directions.
The bud is yet to unlock
Let her petals take shower at
every new bracing morning
with the untouched dew drops.
The bud is yet to unveil
Let her add some zest in air
by adding her stunning colors
and revitalize the aura.
The bud is yet to unfurl
Let us lend our hand to her
and facilitate
to accomplish her mission.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


When the whole world sleeps,
At the midnight air whispers in my ear.
A beautiful ball of white light in the sky,
Throws its charming rays into my eyes.
I usually try to see a glimpse of yours,
Into the mirror or in shadow of mine.
My twin eyes pretend to see you,
I am always blue without you.
I can feel and smell your senses,
As my soul is one with you.
And on all the occasions,
I want to be with you.

I Love You!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Birthday Rhyme for my nephew

OH! God I am in ecstasy
You plugged my survival with bliss
And yield my existence worth

OH! God I am delighted
You promoted me in the hierarchy
And bestowed an incredible rapport

OH! God I am fortunate
You turned my envisage into veracity
And fulfilled all my desires

OH! God I am pleased
You fortified me with your smartness
And imbued my arms with your seraph

OH! God I am on cloud nine
You again made the advent of this day
And gave me an opportunity to wish
your unique creation in the cosmos
On this elite day

Monday, February 15, 2010


When you are aware "What GOD does, does for a noble reason”, then why are you constantly worried?
Why do you cry when you are bumped into the undesirable events? Have you ever inquired such things from yourself? Have you ever even tried to scrutinized that, such thoughts have trounced you, your intellect and to an outsized extent to your spirit also.
If you really trust "HIM”, if you are really devoted to “HIM” more than anyone else; then why are you so self-doubting? When you have bestowed everything in “HIS” hands to be full filled; then stop bothering about materialistic things. Let "HIM do "HIS" work. And if still insecurity persists then don't think that something less is coming from "HIS" part, dilemma lies in you only; there is no 100% credence.
"HE" is a big giver. "HE" only knows to give and in return demands zilch. Many a times you feel jealous of others just because they are enjoying more materialistic things than you. You have reflected such a fancy in your mind that they people are more blessed, they are "HIS" favorites and "HE" loves them more than you.
Well, if it was true, then there would be no difference lingering between human beings and the great “GOD”. For "HIM" everyone is at priority and "HE" loves everyone to the fullest.
If you put a half log of wood in the front of the mirror, it reflects the half image. Expecting full image, are your high expectations which always lead you to disappointments. Same is in the case of "GOD". You are giving less and expecting more. Sense of irresponsibility is at your part and you are blaming "HIM". More you give, the more you take.

The more you lay down your arms, the more "HE" engulfs you in "HIM".
That's the rule of the nature.