Tuesday, August 3, 2010


My dreams are seems to be enlightened
Though you are not with me
And will never be there for me…

Still I m pleased
Because I know
You are happy there
Without me…

I feel more lively
When I see you in ecstasy…

I always wanted to be with you
But whenever I see you smiling
I feel more blissful
That I am not with you…

Its  worth-while
Seeing you inundated with contentment…
I find my days more joyful
When I celebrate your victory
Alone…always alone

Only thing I implore to the Deity
May you be blessed with
The one, whom you love the most…

I can’t see you
I can’t feel you
I can’t find you anywhere around me
Still I am satisfied
That you are enjoying your life
To the fullest
With whom you adore the most…

I never want you to tie any kind of bond
With grief
As you don’t deserve it…

Never be distressed
Never be gloomy
Still if anywhere, any time
You find yourself unaided
Just close your eyes
Think of me…

I promise
I will be there for you…
No matter
Where would I be,
No matter
What would I be…

May you be always sanctified
With the most
Magnificent creations of this cosmos…

 P.S. - My thoughts for my sister :)