Monday, May 3, 2010

Gloomy Light

As usual I am always lethargic in getting up…never wanted to depart from my cradle in cock-crow…never wanted to unbolt my eyes…but always have to do so… L
Finally got an employment in my own home town…but to be very ingenuous I never wanted to toil for some more time…wanted to realx for some more period…but they guys called me to join the hospital… had no indisputable reason to refute…so joined the sanatorium.
Now a big problem aroused in my life was, that I had no separate conveyance with me to go to the hospital daily which was 5 kms away from my house. Was in deep ambiguity whether to purchase a car or a two wheeler?
My father and I both wanted to procure a car for me but my mother was not at all willing to purchase a car for me. She was very well acquainted with the heavy traffic and of stray animals too.
After a long arguments and conflicts she won the battle and finally we purchased a two wheeler for me. Though I was not at all contented with that conclusion, but still I had to accept it as there was no other opportunity left for me.
Now on that two wheeler vehicle I started my daily up down ride to the infirmary.
Days, Months; kept on passing and with the passage of time I comprehend that my mother was right in her arguments. So many times I was luckily saved from heavy vehicles and stray dogs and cows because of that compatible vehicle.
One evening I was en route to my home from hospital, I saw two huge bulls were combating with each other and people were running here and there to save their lives. By hook or crook I also managed to save my life from those irate bulls and on reaching home I took a sigh of relief. It was like that, God had granted me a new life. The blood was once again started rushing into my veins.
Next morning I had to go to my work place from the same route and I was very much terrified of it. Somehow I managed to go from same route and with the grace of Lord every thing was just okay.
In the evening when I was coming back from hospital I noticed a lot of stray cows, bulls and dogs on the road.
I started counting their number randomly and I was in shock when the road end…it was 150 in number. Just imagine 150 stray animals are on the busiest road of the town and no one is at all bothered about it.
I decided to shift those cows and bulls to some dairy farm…but all my hard work went futile. On asking the people of that society they boorishly replied that we are not at all responsible for this and if you want to save your life you may change your route.
Is just changing of my route will help these sick rules of this handicapped system?
Even Government is also least bothered. No one wants to clean this dirty system.
I tried my level best to shift those animals to some dairy farm, where they can be taken care off. But in our great Independent and Democratic country a common man’s voice is squashed badly before it reaches to some genuine ears.