Thursday, January 28, 2010


The more witty you are
the more distractions are there to distract you
The more optimist you are,
the more alternates are there to confuse you
The more aggressive you are,
the more problems are there to harass you
The more enthusiastic you are,
the more impatience is there to defeat you
The more gloomy you are,
the more aversions are there to get yourself hatred
The more passionate you are,
the more goals are waiting for you…

Monday, January 25, 2010

Legitimate Basis

I was startled that evening when my peon came to me with a notorious smile on his face and consigned me, my resignation letter in my hand and asked me to get it signed. Though I was skeptical about the circumstances, but wasn’t expecting that this would happen so abruptly. The action taken was beyond my anticipation, so no doubt hitch was there; but I had no other options in my hands left by my HR. The conclusion was as clear as crystal. My friends Nazia andKrunal walked with me to the door to say last goodbye to me from the office.
Now, it was time to take further new fresh step towards life. I already had two agreeable job options with me, but, for that I had to depart from my native place (which indeed was awful for me). I am very badly emotionally attached to my parents, so I was not willing to even approach for those options. The situation was quite sarcastic, as on one side I wanted to be in the job while on the other hand I was not at all willing to leave my parents just for the sake of my job only. So at last, after conferring with my parents, mates and offcourse with me, I decided to go for a short holiday at some Hill Station to spend some time away from the hustle bustle of the fast life of metro cities, near to the, in the lap of the, mother nature.
Finally I decided to go to Pithoragarh – a hilly place into the green mountains of Uttranchal. I must say it is a second heaven on this earth after Kashmir. I felt myself lucky as I got an opportunity to take the pleasure of that hill station.
One evening I was swimming in the pool of my hotel, my brother rang me and told that my mom had slipped down from the stairs accidently and her hip joint was fractured. It was distressful for me. I quickly packed my bags, hired a taxi and ran to see her. Every minute of my journey was twitchy. My voyage became so lengthy, my mind was fully occupied with negative thoughts. I was imploring to GOD all the way for her wellness and health.
After a long journey of 7 hours I finally reached to the hospital. She was in the operation theatre at that time. After half an hour she was shifted to her room and was pretty okay that time. I took a sigh of relief. My blood was once again started rushing into the nerves, my systems were again invigorating.
Doctors advised us to keep her in hospital for a week. After a week we took her to home and she was totally dependent on other person. She was not at all able to execute things on her own. I willfully took that liability and guarded her day and night. It took three months to recover her completely.
Though, it was scary what happened all, but when end is well then all is well. My mother was entirely came out of her sickness and she was no more dependent on anyone now.
One day, beyond my expectations my Master rang me and asked me to visit him. I was blissful and timid too. As he never calls anyone because of no genuine reason. On reaching him, he unveiled the reason to call me.
He offered me a job and wanted me to work for him for some period out of my life.
And today I consider myself the luckiest person on this earth. I got a golden opportunity to be with him. My time spent with him is incalculable. He has granted a new, beautiful, stunning, polished life. It is a gift given by my God through my Master to me. It’s a blessing in disguise…