Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My excursion to the shrine cave

Last month was tremendous. I got an opportunity to go to Vaisho Devi. Was so much fed up of my daily practice and really wanted a good break from my to-do list. Asked my cousin and his family for the same and they easily got ready to move. No doubt my trip was awesome. For me, trekking has always been an intricate but adventurous task since my childhood. I always enjoy doing trekking on hills which every time leads me to the muscle fatigue J, still I loved doing it during my excursion to Mata Rani. At mid night 2:00AM or 2:30AM we joined the row for the cave and after 20 mins we were inside the shrine cave. That was incredible. Was very happy, finally my dream came true. Had remarkable darshan of Mata Rani, there wasn’t a huge rush, so we went inside the cave very easily. I could feel the divine energy in that aura. I realized it was really worth being so tired. My eyes got watered as I did not want to leave the place, it was so serene. But I had to rush back , so we started our journey back to Katra at around 5:00 AM in the morning.

I feel I am lucky enough as I had an opportunity to see a beautiful sparkling orangish-yellow coloured ball in the blue sky with a huge divine glow spreading its rays all around from the back of a huge mountain – Ah! It was incredible. I loved the sun rise and I can always have a glimpse of the same scene whenever I close my eyes. Though I was so tired , I couldn’t even walk a single step, still I was on my divine promise that I won’t hire any mule, palanquin or horse throughout my journey, so what I did.

On my way back, I saw a little child of around 6 or 7 years, sitting in the mid of the road wrapping the head  and the whole body with red glossy typical Mata Rani’s Duppatta and was asking for the money. “Kanya ko matha teko, kanya ko prashaad chadao, Kanya ko daan do.” Passing by people, were kneeling down to the head in front of the child and were greeting so traditionally. A lot of them were also giving coins, rupees to the child. I was dead beat because of my hike so I sat under the nearby shed and I started scrutinizing that kid. The kid was witty enough and was perfect in job. The child was hiding the rupees under his thief-pocket and was leaving behind a few coins on the Dupatta he carried. After a couple of minutes, suddenly another girl of aged roughly 12 - 13 years came to the child and asked about some money. That child stood up and started scratching both the pockets. That girl took away the Dupatta from that kid and I was shaken to see, there was a male child hidden inside the Dupatta. I was smashed and thought to catch him red handed. But on the very next moment I dropped the idea and thought I should not interfere in their way of earning the bucks. But that was really beyond my expectations.