Monday, November 8, 2010

The Big Brawl

I wonder, how the reality shows have changed the face of Indian television and has diverted the Indian audience from typical “Saas-Bahu” drama to the reality shows viz. “Big Boss”, “Emotional Atyachaar”, “Rakhi ka Insaaf” and all. But somehow, somewhere, these reality shows are reflecting a word of violence among the viewers, specially the children. I mean directors of such dramas are befooling the innocent viewers at the name of reality shows. As per Rahul Bhatt’s statement (recently evicted from the reality show “Big Boss”) that every word of the battle held  between Dolly Bindra and Shweta Tiwari was scripted. While narrating such statement Mr. Bhatt forgot that he was also the part of same game few days back, as, now he is out, so he has a lot to verbalize it. These guys just want to increase the TRP of the show, no matter what picture their show is marking in the minds of spectators. They are hardly concerned that by displaying all this crap they are responsible for creating cruelty, agitation and disrespect for the mankind.
If we talk about the reality show “Big Boss”, I immensely oppose the lexis uttered by Bindra, daily fights raised by her and other participants for petty things. And the worst part is; no one is paying attention to this, no one is expostulating. As far as I am concerned about the rules of “Big Boss” house, it was revealed to Shweta Tiwari on the other day, that there is no place for violence in the house. Then why “Big Boss” itself is not taking any action against the culprit participants? What for, they are showing the rubbish things created by Dolly and few other members? Why the issue of Saara and Ali is raised? Why Veena Malik is creating mess and always tries to seduce male models in the house? Why no one is ready to cooperate with any other house mate?
I was so remorseful on the other day, of having a Television in my house (first time in my life), when my 6 years old niece was frantic to watch “Big Boss” and on asking she replied, “I am keen to watch the show as I m fond of the irrelevant issues raised and fights take place inside the house”. Ah! I was shattered of hearing all this. I mean, it is far beyond my expectations, that the children of my house can also think this way and deliver such statements to me. It is a big disaster to the healthy upbringing of our young generation. And this is something what, which is not at all acceptable.
Children watch all this; set their minds and offcourse they will definitely try to imitate it somewhere in their life. Such dramas are responsible enough to wreck the personality, the individuality of a being. Children don’t know about the flaws of such shows. For them, whatever they watch on T.V. , is ideal to emulate. These reality dramas are building a deep gap in between us and our new forthcoming age group and can be blamed for taking our youth away from the Indian tradition.
I want to ask the Indian viewers- Is this our culture? Is this exactly what, we want to deliver to our upcoming generation? Should our country’s scenario be like this?
At last but not the least I would like to say that by giving priorities to such so-called reality dramas, we are ruining our future by our own.


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Gone are the days when Media gave good lessons in most of the programs.

Now the count is really low. Nearly extinct.

आशीष/ ਆਸ਼ੀਸ਼ / ASHISH said...

Dear Tripat,
Thoughtful and provoking.
Really miss Malgudi Days!

ज्योति सिंह said...

bahut sahi charcha ,kuchh nahi asabhyata ka chitran hai jise dekh aage ki nasl gart me jaayegi .aman shanti kayam karne ki vajaye hangame hi badha rahe hai har jagah .ati sundar .

Bikramjit said...

i have not seen the big boss , but i saw it on you tube wehn a friend in india sent me a link to that episode where this fat girl said all those nasty thing and she is supposed to be a celebrity

how aweful when they know everyone is watching



muskan said...

nice post.

vivek said...

Hi Prerna,

coming to your sphere after a long tym, how you been doing ?

Wish you and you family a very happy new year 2011.

God bless , keep smiling

take care.
See you in year 2011.